Welcome & Namaste.

“Some symbols let you express yourself infinitely in their force.”

― Talismanist Giebra 

the ancient symbol about us, in the black forest, germany

(Black Forest, Germany)

Let me, as the founder and director, welcome you to The Ancient Symbol.

We have immensely enjoyed creating this site, from the historical research, to the product design. Every section and aspect of our site has been forged with love and passion, for it was passion that lead us here in the first place.

My partner and I are keen travellers, and have been lucky enough to travel to the most beautiful countries, meeting some amazing people on the way. We were able to immerse our selves in unfamiliar cultures and witness many traditions, faiths and spiritual beliefs along our journeys.

ankor wat cambodian buddhist temple

(Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

During our travels through Cambodia, in South East Asia, we frequently saw images of the lotus flower, it presented its self in a variety of ways and forms. We saw them in their living state, carved into temples, used as medicine and as fragrance.

I wanted to understand why the flower was so important, so while enjoying my "Angkor" beer, I decided to do a little google. That one google search transformed into months of research and reading.

That one flower symbol, led me to the research of Ancient Egyptian symbols, then on to Pagan symbols in a heartbeat! The histories and stories that can be found by looking into a symbols meaning and origin is incredible. The crossovers of Symbols from eras and communities is fascinating.

The more I read, the more I discovered symbols that I recognised, but not sure why. 

dartmoor uk england, the ancient symbol about us

(Dartmoor, England)

During some of our travels, we spent time alone, which was great for reflection. Looking back, I realised that I had worn and boasted symbols by means of fashion, without even knowing their true meaning! Some of these symbolised ideas that I did not even support.

It then came to my attention that so many of us are guilty of this. For the sake of fashion, we are overlooking ideas and beliefs that were once so important to groups of people that they had symbolised it through art.

This is where "The Ancient Symbol" was born. I wanted to share all my reading and research and place it all under one convenient site. We offer products that promote hundreds of Ancient Symbols with each product page, we offer an in-depth explanation of the featured product, to ensure this symbol you are drawn to, is something you are spiritually connected to.
It is our aim that each one of our customers is immensely proud and excited by their purchase.

We are here to serve the people that have a passion and care for our ancestors ideals and beliefs

You are not just buying a physical product, you are buying the understanding of an important slice of history and belief, the product is a memento, and a reminder of how this certain symbol makes you feel.