Yin Yang

yin yang buddhist symbol spiritual tao

One of the most globally recognisable symbols. Although the Symbol is heavily recognised as an Eastern Chinese and Buddhist Symbol, Pagans and Wiccans use the symbols teachings within their rituals and understandings.

Simply, the Yin Yang represents balance and harmony, with the polarity of all things.

The black and white parts are equal, and each surrounds a dot of the opposite color, showing that there is balance and harmony within the universe's forces. It is the balance between light and dark, a connection between two opposing forces.

Yin Yang Buddhist pagan symbol logo, pagan wicca wiccan spiritual symbols, the ancient symbol shopOriginally, the symbol is believed to be Chinese and also the Yin Yang is also a Buddhist representation of the cycle of rebirth, and of Nirvana itself. In Taoism, it is known as the Taiji, and symbolises Tao itself.

The Yin Yang may be a good symbol to call upon in rituals, calling for balance and harmony. If you seek polarity in your life, or are on a quest for spiritual rebirth, consider using the Yin Yang as a guide.