Wicca Beliefs

The basics of Wicca Religion

This religion has the basics of original English Wiccan and is basically a neo-pagan and earth-centred religion. Its teachings and practices are also based on the original English Wiccan. Nowadays Wicca has gained high popularity along with the experience of massive growth due to the perceived Christian paternalism, insensitivity to the environment and homophobia being rejected by tees. The perceptions of both Chritianianity and Wicca are like two worlds apart and the stereotypes of Wiccans are as Satanists or even sinister spell-casters.

This religion basically holds on to the basis that reality is divine. This religion is also known as The Craft or The Old Religion. Due to this reason, it has resulted in people believing that the natural world is a living, breathing organism and people are seen as gods and goddesses. Wicca can also be said as a distinctively feminist form of neo-paganism, nonetheless Wiccan often consider the supreme manifestation of deity as to be a nature goddess. An example of this can be the Triple Goddess of the Moon. It has a sharp conflict with Christianity and more so a lot of other religions as for them the creation is worthy of worship rather than the creator.

Relative truth behind Wicca Religion

We can see that the supreme ethical rule of Wicca is the Wiccan Rede which is “if it harms none, do as ye Will”. Keeping this proscription against harming others aside, Wiccan basically hold that the moral and religious truths are ultimately relative. Wiccan Rede although sets the Craft apart from the malevolent activities of Satanists, the Wiccan worldview stands in direct opposition to the biblical notions of absolute moral truth and exclusive salvation through Jesus Christ who alone is “the way and the truth and the life.”

Wicca Religion – Magick

Another important and interesting thing about Wiccans practices magick. The reason why this is spelt with a k is so it can be distinguished from the magic which is used for entertainment. This practice is used to manipulate the natural world and alter mental and even mental conditions. The concept of Wicca is rather an exoteric occult practice which is designed to manipulate reality in concert with the Wiccan’s will. Tools of the Craft include a lot of things such as spell books, swords also with the inclusion chalices, censers, cords, and crystals.  This keeps no regard to the motivations being benevolent or malevolent, Scripture unequivocally condemns all occult practices as detestable to the Lord.

It can be seen that the Wicca religion is a unique cusp of not just a form of religion but something that is based on the natural phenomena of the world. It also carried the essence of supernatural entities and practices which include rather superstitious beliefs. Their belief system mainly focuses upon actions which do not harm the human beings in any way whether socially, mentally or even physically which is why all of its ideas revolve around a certain ideology. Apart from that, it keeps the environment into consideration and rejects religions like Christianity because of the harm that it causes to the environment and the earth which is why it is safe to say that the strongest point stresses in this religion are the sustainability of all kind. This is because all creations are rather sacred to them in every way and perceived as something worthy to worship. What we worship is not something that we can even things of harming so it treats each creation like a god-like a figure. So that there is no harm to them and this includes the entire earth with the inclusion of the sun and the moon. Due to this belief, all things and creations are treated as living breathing organisms. Many religions do not stress upon this at all but Wicca mainly focuses on this point