Web of Wyrd

Web of Wyrd norse symbol, viking spiritual symbol
Simply put, the Web of Wyrd is a web of fate. It represents the entaglement and matrix of fate and outcomes.
It is said that this web of fate was woven by the  Nornir, the fates of Norse legend. 
As seen in the image below, these runes can all be seen within the webbed pattern of Wyrd.
runes, found in the web of wyrd, nordic norse ancient symbol meanings explained
The symbol of the Web of Wyrd therefore acts as a reminder that all actions of the past affect the present and that present actions affect the future; all timelines are inextricably interconnected- in a sense, it is a representation of the tree of life.
It is also said that the number 9 was the most sacred number to the Norse people; and looking at this symbol (also known as the allrune) there are 9 lines placed in groups of 3

There Were 9 worlds of Yggdrasil, The God Odins magic ring ‘Draupnir’ would drop 8 duplicate rings every 9 months (making 9 rings each time), and the number 9 also coincides with the 9 months of human pregnancy.
The ‘Valknut’ has 3 triangles, each obviously has 3 points which makes 9 points
the more you look into it the more you will see the number 9. It is incredible, that this one symbol is able to include all the runes and still bear the relation to the number 9.