Vegvisir - Runic Compass

vegvisir norse symbol, viking spiritual symbol
A Vegvisir acts as a kind of compass. It is an Icelandic Symbol that is intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather. Today it is seen as good luck symbol for travel. It is said that the bearer of this symbol will never lose their way in storms or bad weather.
The Viking Compass or Runic Compass. As stated, no one can be sure when the symbol originated, and it is said that the Vikings used the symbol as a compass, but at the same time, we also know that they used a "sun stone" compass, guided by the suns position, and this item is reported to have no marks or similar pattern to the Vegvisir.

On a similar trail of thought, some believe that the Vegvisir would be used as a sun-aided compass, by inserting a nail through the centre, which allowed bearers to navigate themselves through the seas by matching the Vegvisir pattern to the shadow of the nail.
Either way, we can be sure that this symbol represents safe passage and travel. It has be said that  the Vegvisir would be drawn on Viking ships to help them find their way back and come back home safely.
Today, the Vegvisir is used as symbol of Icelandic culture while people of Asatru faith also use it to identify themselves and as a symbol of spiritual guidance.