Uraeus Symbol

Uraeus ancient egyptian snake cobra hat symbol


The Uraeus, which translates to "Rearing Cobra" Is a symbol seen throughout ancient Egyptian art, hieroglyphs and artefacts.
This incredibly significant symbol was usually found on headdresses, crowns and on the heads of many royal figures and even on some deities.
cobra Uraeus Symbol
It is recorded that the First Uraeus was created by the goddess Isis, who formed it from the dust of the earth and the spittle of the then-current sun deity. It is said that this Uraeus was used by Isis to take the throne of Egypt for Osiris

The cobra symbolized a spiritual connection between the royal pharaohs and the gods. Even
the deities Horus and Set were depicted wearing the Uraeus on their crowns.
It was seen that the bearer of this symbol was worthy and a legitimate pharao for they were said to have the protection and patronage of the goddess Wadget who was the deity of Lower Egypt.
The unification of Egypt, bringing Lower and Upper Eygpt together let to the Uraeus being joined by a Vulture. The Vulture was the symbol of Nekhbet who was the deity of Upper Egypt. This combination of the two symbols was called "The Two Ladies" who were from then on believed to be the joint protectors of the country.
Vulture and Uraeus together.