Triple Horn Of Odin

triple horn of odin ancient viking symbol, wicca

Odin, the father of Norse Gods, is represented here by three interlocking drink vessel horns.

The horns play an important role in the Norse eddas, and feature heavily in elaborate toasting rituals. In some stories, the horns represent the three draughts of the Odhroerir, a magical mead. This mead was told to have been made by mixing the blood of a god named Kvasir, who was created from the saliva of all the other gods, with honey to create this magical brew. 

Anyone who drank this potion would impart Kvasir's wisdom, and other magical skills, poetry in particular.

Odins link to this, is that he found where the mead was hidden, and for three nights he drank this magical concoction. The three horns represent the three drinks he had.
Triple Horn of Odin
Today, the most recent portrayal we have seen of Odin, is in the Film avengers, where he is seen to drink out of his horn in a ceremony to honour his son, Thor.