Tree of Life


The symbol of the Tree of Life symbolises the ability of a fresh start and immortality.

As a tree ages, it will still bear seeds that contain its characteristics made from its very self. These seeds effectively grow into the same tree, but with a new beginning, new strength and a fresh start. This new tree, although individual, is still linked to the parent tree. It has been formed by the very same material. Us as humans are linked in the very same way. The chemicals and elements we share with the tree and all of our surroundings within the cosmos are linked in the very same way. The tree of life shows us the link between everything we know in its strengths and new growth. 
Knowing this link, we can look at death differently. Instead we can find the immortality as our chemical components aid towards new growth, strengthening the bond and link with everything within the cosmos.

Tree of Life symbol logo, pagan wicca Buddhist Christian spiritual symbols, the ancient symbol shopThis is your right to be here, everything within the cosmos has come together to align everything needed to form you as a person. The chemical components that first made you, once belonged to some one, or something else, and now it is you that represents them.