The Harp Celtic Symbol

Harp celtic druid symbol
The harp, really, is a social and cultural icon symbol of Ireland.
Up until the 19th century, and for many years prior, the Harp was the national emblem of Ireland, it was on the currency and  Coat of arms of the English monarchy.
Harpists were seen to be of high status amongst other musicians and societies. Stories and tales were often told to the accompanied music of the harp. In the days of the old, the sound of the harp encompassed the spirit of the country.
The Video below will give you an insight to what some of the old Celtic harp playing sounded like.  Turlough O'Carolan was an Irish harpist who lived in the mid-1600s and wrote pieces for the people he met and stayed with - playing music in exchange for hospitality. Tradition has it that the harp was played last thing at night, before people went to bed.
Video performed and created by musician, Mark Harmer. 
The harp is said to reflect the immortality of the soul.