The Claddagh Celtic Symbol

claddagh celtic druid symbol
An Iconic Irish Symbol of Love, The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring which represents love, loyalty and friendship. This ring is often presented as an engagement or wedding ring.
The heart in the cladadgh symbolises love, the Crown for Loyalty and the hands for friendship. These three components came about from the legend of the Claddagh.
The Legend of the Claddagh fishing village
Claddagh is a small fishing village  just outside the city of Galway. Men would often risk their lives out at sea, but not just because of the weather and conditions, it was the risk of pirates also.
The legend tells a tale of three men out on a fishing trip when they were captured by a Spanish pirate ship. They were taken to Africa and sold as slaves. All the sailors realised they may never see their loved ones again, but for the youngest sailor Richard, it was particularly hard as he had just met the love of his life before setting off on this ill fortuned trip. With her in mind, working as a slave, he would steal small bits of gold from his slave master in the goldsmith shop, where he tended the fires. After a while he had enough gold to craft a ring for his true love. This is where the Claddagh ring was born. 
claddagh ring of love, irish love ring story
It is unclear as to whether Richard escaped or was released, but he was able to make the journey back to Ireland to find that his his beloved had remained true to him and had faith that he would return. The ring was gladly accepted, as it is by many couples today, with the tale and meaning embedded within the ring.