staurogram christian symbol
"The staurogram, a combination of the Greek letters tau and rho, looks like a human figure hanging on a cross and stands in for parts of the Greek words for "cross" (stauros) and "crucify" (stauro?) in Bodmer papyrus P66, a copy of the Gospel of John (200 C.E.). The staurogram is the earliest visual reference to Jesus' crucifixion."

Source - The Staurogram | The BAS Library

 staurogram script text the ancient symbol

Did you know that the Staurogram is the first know sign or visual reference exhibiting Jesus' crucifixion?

The staurogram symbol in text, the ancient symbol

staurogram is created out of the Greek letters tau-rho: “In Greek, the language of the early church, the capital tau, or T, looks pretty much like our T. The capital rho, or R, however, is written like our P. If you superimpose the two letters, it looks something like this: . The earliest Christian uses of this tau-rho combination make up what is known as a staurogram. In Greek the verb to ‘crucify’ is stauroō; a ‘cross’ is a stauros … [these letters produce] a pictographic representation of a crucified figure hanging on a cross—used in the Greek words for ‘crucify’ and ‘cross.’”

The staurogram is one of the many nomina sacra (“sacred names”) used in ancient Christian texts to abbreviate common words the scribes would use.