Sleipnir - 8 Legged Horse

sleipnir symbol
Sleipnir was an eight legged horse rode by the God Odin. Known also as " The Sliding One" and grey in color is thought to have been born when Loki  shape-shifted into a mare and became pregnant by the stallion of a giant, as told in the tale of The Fortification of Asgard.

Sleipnir was said to be “the best among horses.” He could gallop faster, jump higher, kick harder, and whinny louder than any other horse, whether it is found grazing on the grass of Midgard or feasting in the rich stables of Asgard. His strength knows no equal, and his heart knows no fear.

In addition to racing over the ground, Odin’s mighty steed can also fly through the air and swim through water. None of the elements slow him down. Famously, he is even able to ferry Odin safely in and out of Hel, the realm of the dead.