Single Spiral Celtic Symbol

single spiral celtic druid symbol
The spiral shape truly is a fascinating shape and is overlooked how naturally and frequently occurring it is in day to day life and nature. We see the spiral in whirlpools, in the shell of a snail, in plant vines, it is seen in the movement of stars around our planet, and even galaxies beyond.
It is no surprise that this is one of the oldest patterns created by humans. There is evidence of this throughout carve drawings and rock carvings, some dating back tens of thousands of years. It may also come of no surprise that this is believed to be the oldest Celtic symbol, and represents the sun.
ancient single spiral patterns

Many other symbols use the spiral, some include multiple like the Triskele. There are also multiple calendars that work on a spiral basis. Many of these all evoke the notion of a cycle, re-birth and energy.