Sheela Na Gig Celtic Symbol

sheela na gig celtic druid symbol
Sheela-na-gigs are female carvings which emphasise the vulva. 
These Irish symbols origin and global meaning are unclear, but there are several popular hypotheses.
The first of which, is the more obvious, which suggests the Sheela Na Gig is a fertility figure, however this has been contested by many as not all Sheela Na Gigs are the same. there are some with visible rib cages and thin breasts, which to some, contradict that theory.
Another theory is that this symbol is merely a warning against lust, and another popular theory is that the symbol is a protection against evil. This theory came about by interpreting old Celtic lore that depicted a demon being repulsed by the sight of a woman lifting her skirt to display her genitals.
Sheela Na Gig
What ever the reason, it must have been an important one, as there are many ancient buildings, carvings and drawings that include this symbol all across Europe.