Satanism Beliefs

Satanism is basically an ideological and philosophical belief based on a system of Satan and is surrounded by the teachings which come through Satan. This belief system and practice began when the Church of Satan was founded in 1966 with historical precedents already existing. Due to perceived ideology being accused by Christian groups Satanism came into being rather than just a self-identity. We can also see the wide use of satanic symbols and the idea of Satan being used by different artists and entertainers which is in turn used as a symbolic expression.

Throughout much of Christian history, many accusations have taken place of various different groups regarding the practice of Satanism. In the Middle Ages, it was said that many of the Roman Catholic Groups performed secret Satanic rituals in secret and these groups included Knights, Templar and the Cathars. When looking at the Early Modern Period, there was a belief in the pretty widespread Satanic conspiracy of witches which in result caused the mass trials of alleged witches across Europe and the North American colonies.

Definition of Satanism:

Satanism is basically a designation made by various people which is basically against those who are disliked by them. If we look at where this concept derived from, it took birth from Christianity because in the Christian religion there is reliance found on the figure of Satan which is a character originally derived from the Christian mythology.

It can be seen elsewhere that Satanism is something very different from Satanism from a self-designation. Satanism was usually a polemical and not a descriptive term.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Hysteria

It is seen that by the end of the twentieth century, there was a moral panic which developed around and claimed concerns regarding the Devil-worshipping cult that performed rituals like murder, sexual abuse, and cannibalism with not even leaving children behind who themselves were victims of all the pre-mentioned abuses. Initially, people who indulged in such activities and rituals were called witches but the more accurate term used for them was Satanist and this was then adopted as a more favored alternative. This phenomenon itself was then known as the Satanism Scare.

There were then extensive findings done regarding this phenomenon and the promoters of the claims alleged that there was basically a conspiracy organized by Satanists who were involved in this and they occupied quite prominent positions in the society. For example from the police to the politicians and because they were so powerful and held quite a lot of authority, they could cover up their crimes and seamlessly and easily showed a clean slate.

Religious Satanism:

Satanism is not just one single form of religious Satanism instead there are multiple different religious Satanism’s. Each of these has different ideas about what Satanism actually entails or teaches. The working definition in which Satanism is regarded as the “intentional, religiously motivated veneration of Satan.

Many believe that it was not a single movement but a vast number of them. All the movements which are presently known or other ones are known as the new religious movement. It was also noted that there was a family resemblance that united all of the varying groups in different number of groups. Most of them were regarded as self-religions. They also argued there were a number of different features that were common amongst the groups in this satanic milieu. These were all basically positive terms of the use of the term Satanist as a designation of and an emphasis on individualism.

Although, an important thing to note is that most of the Satanists are not necessarily devil worshippers. It is a surprising fact that most people do not know that most card-carrying Satanists are actually atheists and not the worshipers of Satan. They use Satan as a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism and it also serves to them as an external metaphorical projection of their highest personal potential.