Occultism Beliefs

The word “Occult” refers to the knowledge of and the belief in the paranormal and superstitious areas of the universe as opposed to those that are measurable and explainable by science. Such practices and beliefs have been common in all sorts of communities throughout human history and with although there are considerable variations, the basics are pretty much the same. Occult practices and beliefs are usually those that involve the individual manipulating the laws of nature for his own benefit. There are people for whom the practices of occultism are very fascinating because they encompass the interesting features of paranormal activity and mystery. One the other hand, there are many communities in which these practices are also regarded as evil because they presumably go against moral laws as well.

There are four basic aspects of occultism that are common to all societies are magic, witchcraft, divination and alchemy. The whole idea of occultism began being associated with darkness around the 1970s when the spiritual movement out people in the tough situation of picking sides. The growth of the satanic organizations, new religions and also new cults harbored this shift towards darkness and put occultism in a bad place. In all its entirety, the word and belief of occultism merely allows us to be vary of the unseen and hidden things around us. Occultism in itself is not a bad practice. In fact, it provides a true spiritual experience for its practitioners. The negative fear that has been bestowed upon it is because of religions like Christianity that attempt to keep their followers under the impression that supernatural beings are evil and that they should not be associated with.

Throughout history, people have practiced occultism in one way or the other and the some of those practices are more commonly heard of than the others.


Séances are practices that are mainly focused on contacted the dead or those people that are believed to have crossed over another plane. The word is French in nature and translates to “sit” which signifies the way practitioners used to sit in a circle formation along with spirits that they would invite from other worlds. The way séances is practiced is by 6-8 people sitting in a circle holding hands and attempting to block out any distractions that might presumably hinder their contact with the dead. They sometimes use a certain instrument like an Ouija board or pens or pencils in order to provide a medium to the ghost to speak through. Sometimes the ghost reportedly manifests itself in one of the practitioners and speaks through them.

The practice of séances is often taken as a joke in today’s times and children and teenagers are often seen using Ouija boards and other instruments to “contact the dead” and what they don’t realize is that it is something serious and often times does lead to disastrous results. Thus it must not be practiced without proper knowledge or supervision so that a bad situation can be handled effectively.


Divination is perhaps one of the most practices of occultism in modern times. It involves a practitioner attempting to see into the future and gain knowledge about the events that are yet to occur in the real word. This is mostly done using a crystal ball and sometimes practitioners also read the palm of an individual to narrate their future to them. The practices of divination have a long history full of oppression and bloodshed associated with them which is why they are labeled as pure evil and satanic by Christian churches.


Human Sacrifice

Perhapes the most bizarre and one of the practices of occultism that are still somewhat rarely followed today is human sacrifice. One of the more popular incidences of recent times was the Vampire Cult which involved the ritualistic killing of an entire family in Florida. The suspect leader, Rod Ferrell, was only 16 years old at that time and the other teenagers in his gang were all drug abusers and regularly peformed rituals that involved blood and sex.