Native American Wolf Track Symbol

wolf tracks native american symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

Signs and symbols used in the Native American cultures were to pass on the history, ideas, dreams, and thoughts from one generation to the other. These signs were also used as indications and omens. As these were very spiritual people, the symbols kept spiritual importance to them as well due to which they keep extremely high significance.

wolf track symbol, the native american wold symbol

The wolf track symbol is one of those. It was often used as an indication in a certain area for the presence of a wolf. These often specified the area and also pointed the direction towards which wolves can be present. The wolf track symbol basically signifies leadership and direction also embodied with protection as well as destruction. There are many preys of wolves and these included sheep, moose, elk, beaver cattle, deer, horses, and dogs. Conversely, wolves were in general revered by tribes and survived by hunting but were though little of by those that survived through agriculture. Native Americans were exquisite at hunting and also acquired great hunting skills due to which they would hunt down animals which were fit for food and also hunted for clothing and tools.

wolf track symbol, native American

Native Americans then also learned how to identify wolf tracks as they could be easily confused by those of the coyote. The way the differentiated them was by identifying that the front feet of the wolf was larger than their hind feet and also their toes were spread wider. Another indicator which they had was the length of the stride to basically identify the animal's tracks. To clearly identify animal tracks and differentiate between them, Native Americans would go looking for animal tracks on the soft ground, mud or wet sand as on such surfaces, the tracks of the animal are clearly printed so there is no ambiguity in identifying as to which animal the tracks belong to.