Native American Turtle Symbol

turtle native american symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

Symbols and signs keep a lot of importance to Native Americans. These are the means of communication to their upcoming generations and these signs are still present which means that they kept on passing them on for a long time. The animals in their symbols are called power animals and are believed to be helpers of the spirit and guides as well.

The turtle symbol itself is one of those. It holds a lot of significance in the Native American culture as they are known to be sacred animals which represent the Mother Earth. The turtle signifies a long and healthy life filled with prosperity. The turtle lives for an average of 150 years so due to this reason it represents longevity. There are a lot of myths and legends linked to it. One of them being that, the Earth diver turtle dived into the depths of water and reached along the mud from which humans were created.

Turtle, native american symbol

The shell of the turtle signifies protection and preservice as its shell is strong and hard. There are many rituals present involving the shell of the turtle, for example, it was used to make rattles dance. The shell of the turtle was also used to dispense and create medicines as it was linked with spiritual healing.

The Native American tribes were highly spiritual people due to which these symbols kept high significance to them. Each symbol has deep and varied meaning to it and there are abundant myths and legends linked to them as well. The turtle has also been honored as to saving the entire mankind from the Great Flood. It is also known to have the ability to keep all of man's burdens and pressures of its shell. Many species of turtles also have 13 sections on their underside and this is linked to the cycle of the 13 moons.