Native American Sun Symbol

native american sun symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained


Like all other Native American Symbol, the sun symbol too varied amongst tribes and cultural groups. The importance of these signs is pretty high as these symbols were used to pass on messages of history and tradition to the coming generation. These were deeply spiritual people which means that each symbol carried a very deep meaning to it as well. The meanings vary but the depth in them still remains no matter what group or culture interprets is.

This particular symbol depicts the abundance of life; how wholesome it really is and also carries the essence of warmth that further radiates healing and peace in life throughout the journey. In their belief, the sun was basically freed by a Raven and that was done by releasing it out of its confining box. Since the time that it has been freed, it is giving the human kind the sense of warmth and light and provides it to them in literal terms as well. It was also once believed that one could reach out to the sun with the aid of climbing a chain of arrows and the way to get back down was by sliding down the rays of the sun.

sunset native american sun symbol

Art galleries such as Spirits of the Native Art gallery sells Sun Symbol prints as it is so widely cherished. The tales linked to it are quite fascinating and the essence of depth is not lost at all. This particular symbol is one of the most commonly known ones amongst the Native American cultures and is widely cherished as well due to the positivity it depicts. It links the true nature of the sun one being a wholesome treasure bestowed amongst all humankind of hope, warmth, and light in their lives.