Native American Raven Symbol

native american raven symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

Raven is basically a Native American God and is called by many different names. In regards to the symbolic meaning behind the Raven Symbol, it signifies metamorphosis and transformation and basically changes. In some Native American tribes, Raven is also considered to be a trickster due to its abilities to transform and change as it carries such attributes. It is also highly honored amongst medicine and holy men and as its shape-shifting qualities are quite fascinating, it was also used a ritual so that visions could be clarified.

native american raven symbol

The Native American holy men have this belief that what the human eye sees in not necessarily the truth or the entire truth and they would call upon the Raven for the clarity of such matters which has some sort of ambiguity to them. Furthermore, in Native American beliefs, the raven is the bearer of magic. The raven also carries holy messages which in their belief are hidden in the midnight wings of the raven and these messages which are beyond time, only been bestowed upon those who are worthy enough to consume the sacred information and knowledge.

The Raven is also characterized as a secret keeper. Thus, the raven will assist you in regards to the questions and thoughts that are consuming you. These things can be such as the areas in our lives which we are too scared or not ready to face. Also, the secrets that harm us. The raven, in their belief, can help expose the truth behind these. The truth might be somewhat distorted but once that it is restored, it can wing us back to the happiness and harmony of our lives. Considering all these aspects linked to the raven, it has quite a lot of significance and rank in the Native American Culture.