Native American Rain Clouds Symbol

native american rain clouds symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

The Rain Cloud Symbol carried very high importance. This was because it carries the element of water and it is one of the most vital amongst all elements as it carried the sustenance of life. The basic things which the Rain Symbol signifies are renewal, fertility, and change. The symbols of rain and raindrops were used to depict plentiful crops. If we look at the Lakota Sioux mythology, Iya is a faceless creature which is a faceless and formless monster of the thunderstorm, hurricane, and tornado and is believed to consume all humans as it cannot fulfill its undying appetite. He is basically the eye of the storm and offers protection to only those who are caught in his wake. He is also known to travel with the storms wearing an enchanting tepee which has magical symbols on it.

rain clouds native american symbol

With this, it is seen that one thing as many meanings to it in the Native American Culture and the natural occurring aspects are given high ranks of importance due to the glory the signify. Although it is not very easy to generalize the most common meaning of the Rain Cloud Symbol as it can vary from one tribe to another. The meaning is also dependent upon the groups of tribal cultures amongst the Native Americans.

Due to their high levels of spirituality and their belief in the depth of life, they believed in things like spirits, angels, and omens due to which many things are interlinked with these beliefs that they have. Water being carrying the sustenance of life makes it both good and bad as it can be proven as both beneficial and harmful. The right amount of water can give plentiful crops while the excess of it can cause natural disasters which result in many casualties.