Native American Navajo Yeii Spirit Symbol

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Native American symbols are depicted by geometrical portrayals of human-like figures, animals and other shapes. Each of these carries a deep meaning of some aspect of life and also carries meaning about spiritual aspects of humans and how that is linked to the journey of life. These symbols whilst carrying the meaning are also extremely important in the Native American Culture as to being the means of communication of history from one generation to the next.

In particular, the Yeii Symbol is the depiction of the Navajo Yeii spirit which basically meditates between the humans and the Great Spirit. The term Yeii is basically picked off the word Yeibicheii which carries the meaning of Holy People. Navajo Yei (Yeii) spirits or deities are fundamentally believed to be holy spirits which control elements such as the rain, snow, wind sun along with the changing of night and day. Thus characterizing these spirits as very powerful and spiritually strong ones.

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These spirits or deities carry the variety of good and bad to them as they can be both harmful and beneficial to the Earth Surface People. This is dependant on the deities mood, impulse and the way they are approached. This is basically linked to the natural disasters caused by the formerly mentioned naturally occurring incidents. For example, in a bad mood, the spirit would shed excessive rain which could be harmful to the Earth Surface People. Yeii is also associated with the rainbow goddess according to Native American beliefs. The depictions of the Yeii Symbol were most commonly created by Petroglyphs and Sand Paintings. This too was so that there is some sort of physical form of the depiction present so that these can be carried on from one generation to the other.