Native American Morning Star Symbol

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Native American symbols represented the spiritual nature of the people that used them, along with reflecting their beliefs and their way of life. The symbols used for a number of such spiritual beliefs were celestial bodies, images of animals, and shapes that represented some natural phenomena. One such image happens to be the Morning Star.

The Morning Star is the brightest and shiniest star at dawn. It’s actually the planet Venus that is visible like a flash of light at that particular time. The Native Indians associated the Morning Star with meanings that were related to their ancestors. In Native American mythology, stars and other celestial bodies are often used to represent ancestors.

morning star ancient native american symbol

Another meaning for the Morning Star symbol happens to be hope and guidance. Most people conform to this specific meaning rather than one relating to ancestors. After all, the Native Americans used the stars to navigate, with the shape and appearance of the stars being perceived as omens. This makes it sensible to believe that the Morning Star symbol would thus be used to symbolize hope and guidance.

The Native American Morning Star symbol has its roots in the Shamanic religion that most of Native American mythology was built upon. There exists a Shaman symbol known as the sitting sun symbol. This symbol bears a number of distinct similarities to the Morning Star and could be considered as the inspiration for it, much like how Native American mythology and beliefs were influenced by Shaman beliefs and practices.

The Morning Star symbol has a very clear message that rings through time and still holds relevance in the modern ages. It’s a symbol that’s abundantly used by Native American tribes and was often tattooed on tepees and other objects. You’re bound to see a number of Morning Stars in Native American records and also in modern settlements.