Native American Hummingbird Symbol

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Native Americans were deeply spiritual people who passed on their messages like ideas, thoughts, and history from generation to generation through a variety of meaningful symbols and signs. This was so the culture and history does not die. Each symbol depicted a unique message. The hummingbird symbol might carry a varied meaning from tribe to tribe and also varying on the different cultures in North America.

humming bird native american symbol

This particular symbol is one of the most important ones to them. The symbols are basically in forms of animals, geometrical portrayals of celestial bodies and natural phenomena. When it comes to the animal design symbols, these are most likely meant to be physical forms of spiritual helpers. These can be of different meaning but their root message will remain the same. The hummingbird sign basically was to imply of peace, love, and happiness. The symbol mostly occurs as a mated pair which signifies devotion, permanence, eternity and life cycles. This again Is one of the variations of the meaning.

The hummingbird is also held important due to the belief of Native Americans considering as a lucky charm before any main even like traveling or hunting. They basically believed that seeing it before going to such events will bring them luck.

The hummingbird itself holds plentiful importance in the Southern Pueblo cultures. These were also adored for their furious fighting and territory defending traits. Hopi legend states that hummingbirds convince the gods to bring rain on behalf of the people as to their high ranking.  Even the feathers of hummingbirds hold great value and are used in ceremonial occasions and dance costumes due to their prestigiousness.

Symbols as a hole kept very high importance to them as their value was everlasting for them. These were holders of the essence of their histories.