Native American Home Coming Symbol

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Native American symbols and signs were based around their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Being a deeply spiritual group, the Native Americans used a number of symbols to represent the things around them as well as their way of life and the importance that living things around them held.

Since the symbols were supposed to record the way the Native Americans lived, many of them were used to detail activities that they participated in, whether regular ones or rare ones. One of the activities that they often participated in was combat, and there are a number of symbols used to convey messages or stories concerning warfare and battles.

Native American home coming symbol

Some of the symbols commonly used to discuss details of war and its various aspects are the hand and hand print symbols, with certain animal symbols such as the bear symbol also being used to define certain aspects of war. However, unlike those that talk about the brutal aspects of war, the homecoming symbol is of a far more romantic nature.

The Native American homecoming symbol was used by the tribes to represent the return of a celebrated warrior from battle. Often having to enter into armed conflicts with other tribes and with invaders, aggressors, and animals in the wild, some of the more skilled fighters in the Native American tribes held special status for their proficiency in battle.

Whenever, these celebrated individuals would return from battle, their tribe would greet their return in a festive manner. The symbol would mark their return and would be displayed on tepees and other objects that would lie in the path of the warrior returning from the battle. Hence, the homecoming symbol has held special importance for Native Americans and is found plenty of times in their records, with tattoos with the symbol still scene widely in modern times.