Native American Hand Print Symbol

native american hand print symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

The life of Native Americans was governed by their spirituality and their religion. Their day to day lives were governed by the spiritual beliefs and ideas, and that translated down to their symbols and the signs that they used to converse and record their messages.

Although spirituality did influence a lot of their daily life, a number of their symbols were used to represent the activities that they participated in, with one of the most frequent ones being warfare and battles.

The Native American tribes often fought amongst themselves while also having to fend off against foreign threats. They used multiple symbols to represent wartime or warfare, with arrows being one of the most frequent ones. Moreover, animal symbols such as the bear were also used to represent certain aspects of war and were testaments to some of the major warriors participating in the wars.

native american hand print symbol

The hand print symbol is also one such symbol that was used to discuss or represent certain aspects of war. Most Native American symbols do not contain images that are human or seem human, with most comprised of animals or certain images. However, the hand print symbol is one of the rare exceptions.

The gist of the hand print symbol lies in combat. Although the primary weapons of Native Americans were bows and arrows, spears, or clubs, they often had to rely on hand to hand combat as well. Among their ranks, there were certain individuals who were adept at hand to hand combat and used to specialize in that aspect of battle rather than charge with their tribesmen in other kinds of combat.

The hand print symbol was widely used by the Native Americans to represent warriors who could lead them on the hand to hand combat front. It used to be painted on the faces of those warriors and is a symbol that you’re bound to on many occasions even today.