Native American Great Spirit Symbol

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Native American symbols are portrayals of celestial bodies, animals, and pictograms. These were widely used amongst them to pass on their dreams, ideas, history, and culture to their future generations. Due to this reason, these symbols were of high significance for them. Even in today's time, we can interpret their beliefs and also many legends and myths attached to those beliefs.

One of these symbols is the Great Spirit Symbol. This particular symbol held the meaning of the divine power which created this world. The Great Spirit Symbol was so much as a deity in the religion of many the Native American people. They also used it as a reference name to God. There are many names given to the Great Spirit by the Indian tribes. Algonquian speaking tribes use the name “Gitchi Manitou”. The Sioux called it “Wakan Tanka” which translates into the Great Mystery. Blackfoot tribes often refer the Great Mystery as “Old Man” or even “Ababinili” by the Chickasaw tribe.

great spirit symbol native american

In the Western Culture, the depiction of this symbol is as The Eye of Providence which basically means all seeing and all knowing. This is basically the representation of the eye of God which is watching over all of humankind. In the Western culture, the symbol is such that it is inside a triangular shape as can be seen on the one-dollar bill of the United States. The Great Spirit symbol is made into a four-sided symbol as a depiction of symbolizing cardinal directions.

This symbol also signifies their belief in an entity which created this world and is watching over it. These people were deeply spiritual which raises the significance of this symbol even more as it is very much connected to spirituality. Although many tribes can have different meanings, this is the most generalized meaning among them.