Native American Frog Symbol

native american frog symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

Native American symbols often used animals to represent certain values, beliefs, and ideas. These were usually based on the specific characteristics of the animals and depended on how the Native American tribes viewed them. Thus, the meaning of certain animal symbols used to vary according to the tribe that used the symbol.

The usage often depended on the Native American mythology and beliefs, and this is the case of the frog symbol as well. The frog symbol is one of the most popular animal symbols in Native American culture, with the meaning of the symbol usually considered to be one of knowledge and power. However, that’s not the only interpretation of the frog symbol.

Native American Frog Symbol

In Native American mythology, there are a number of references made to frogs and their encounters which gave birth to a number of different meanings for the frog symbol. One talks about a frog facing against a bear and escaping to tell his frog tribe about his troubles. Another involves a frog killing the Creator of the frog tribe with the use of evil witchcraft. Yet another legend has frogs associated with fertility and long life.

Thus, much like most other North American symbols, the frog symbol has a variety of meanings. Listing them down would lead to answers such as knowledge, wisdom, fertility, power, disease, bad luck, witchcraft, and many more. However, whatever meaning they might have had to different tribes, the one thing consistent about the frog symbol is its popularity and the significance of its use.

As mentioned above, there are many meanings for the frog symbol. However, each one of them is quite a relevant topic or an important quality. This has made the frog symbol a very frequent sight in Native American records and their inscriptions, with the use of it still widely seen today.