Native American Eagle Symbol

native american eagle symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

The Native Americans hold certain animals in high regards and revere them in a special way. One of the animals that has a special place in their culture and history is the eagle. The eagle is an animal that is often associated with Native Americans, with its feathers being a common fixture associated with the appearance of Native Americans.

Due to the special place eagles hold for them, Native American symbols and signs used to feature eagles abundantly. Since the Native American symbols and signs were supposed to represent their thoughts and ideas, the animal symbols were used to represent the impression that the Native Americans held of the animals. The eagle was thus revered for its strength, wisdom, courage, along with some spiritual reasons.

native american eagle on totem pole

The eagle’s popularity among the Native Americans wasn’t just due to their experiences with it in the wild. Instead, it held spiritual worth for them. The eagles was considered as the messenger that would carry prayers from the people and take them to the Creator, or the Higher Spirit, in the spirit world.

More than that, eagles have a special place in Native American mythology. The solar deity Kisosen, considered to be responsible for creating the day when it opened its wings and creating the night when it closed it, was visualized as an eagle. Similarly, Wad-zoo-sen (the deity responsible for created wind) was supposed to have done so by flapping its wings. There are a number of other deities visualized as eagles.

white tailed eagle, native american eagle symbol

White-tailed eagle

Due to their prevalence in mythology and the impressive part they played in the wild, eagles were admired and respected by Native Americans, with their feathers holding importance while the symbols involving eagles were used to convey messages that represented courage, wisdom, strength, and its role in the wind as an unrivalled predator.