Native American Deer Tracks Symbol

native american deer tracks symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

Native American symbols and signs included a number of pictures and images that held importance for the Native American tribes. The symbols were supposed to represent certain beliefs and were used to convey ideas to each other and to the future generations. Animal symbols were widely used, with the animal’s characteristics and its importance for the Native Americans dictating the use of the symbol.

The deer was an important animal for the Native Americans. They held it in reverence and considered it to be the king of the forest, with its antlers earning praise from the Native American tribes. They used to pray to the deer before going for a hunt and would often pray over the bodies of deer. Along with holding spiritual importance, the deer were also revered as a sign of family protection, with the closeness of deer herds being special for the Native Americans. Furthermore, the deer also happened to be a major source of food and clothing.

deer track native american symbol

The deer was thus quite an important symbol for the Native Americans and was used in multiple symbols. One such symbol is the deer track symbol. The symbol was typically used to tell that a herd of deer had been located. Another use of the deer track symbol was to identify the direction the deer were taking.

Other uses of the deer track symbol was to represent shelter, peace, prosperity, and the idea of family protection and togetherness. These meaning held more relevance in the tribes rather than in the wild. The symbols were painted on people as tattoos and were used during war times and during conflicts to symbolize unity. Such meanings of the deer track symbol still hold relevance these days, with the symbol proving quite popular among the modern Native American settlements.