Native American Bear Track Symbol

native american bear track symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

Native Americans used a wide range of symbols to convey their thoughts and their ideas. Of these many symbols, a lot were based on animals or certain things that were related to animals. One such symbol is a bear track.

Brown bear foot print native american symbol

The bear symbol holds a lot of importance in Native American culture. Based on the characteristics of the animal itself, the bear symbol represents courage, strength, leadership, and protection. The symbol represented and power and held a lot of significance for Native American tribes that were frequently embroiled in armed conflicts with one another.

Similarly, the bear track symbol has its own fair share of significance when it comes to the Native Americans and their way of life. The Native American tribes were impressive hunters and utilized a number of different tracking methods to find the animals that they wanted to hunt. Hence tracks were something that were quite familiar to them as it was one of the modes of tracking they utilized.

brown bear image

As the bear was an animal they held in reverence because of its strength and courage, its tracks were a symbol of authority and were considered to be a good omen. The bear tracks, which were the marks of a big predator, gave a sense of direction, leadership, and power that symbols of other smaller and weaker animals could not convey to the Indians.

It wasn’t just the bears themselves and their tracks that held significance. Native Americans would often wear necklaces made out of bear claws as a sign of bravery and power. Thus, the bear and many of the things related to it gave a special feeling of authority and strength to the Native Americans. This is why bear and bear track symbols can be seen so frequently when one studies Native American records.