Native American Arrow Symbol

native american arrow symbol, traditional american tribal art symbol meanings explained

The arrow was a very useful and relevant object for the Native Americans. It is featured in many of their writings and many of the works they produce these days. The arrow symbol, or some variant of it was also frequently found tattooed on Native Americans and held great importance for them.

native american tattoo

Arrows held immense importance for Native Americans since they were the weapons they mainly use. The bow and arrow is what they used to hunt throughout the land and get their food. The arrows have thus held significance since they were the main object they used to gather nutrition for themselves.

Beyond hunting, bows and arrows were the main weapons utilized in warfare. The Native Americans used bows as their primary weapons whenever they fought against one another or a foreign threat. The history of battles and warfare using bows and arrows has made them immensely significant to Native Americans overtime.

antique native american arrow symbol

Because of their use, arrows signify peace and warfare for Native Americans. It’s not just a single arrow that they use as their symbol. They often use a variety when it comes to their symbols. The kind of arrows symbols used are:

  • The single arrow. This symbol defines protection and defence. Furthermore, it’s also used to show direction, force, power, movement, and where you need to travel.
  • Two arrows together was a symbol that was used to define warfare.
  • Five arrows together in a bundle was used to represent one of the five great tribes that co-founded the Iroquois League. The logic behind is that five arrows are stronger and more effective than just one.
  • A broken arrow was used to represent times of peace.

Arrows have long remained important and relevant to Native Americans and it’s a symbol you are bound to see often if you study Native Americans.