Green Man Celtic Symbol

green man celtic druid symbol
The Green Man symbol is mainly seen as a symbol of re-birth, death and re-growth.
He can be seen in so man different forms in many different cultures through out history, but his face is always quite similar, and nearly always covered by foliage.
The Green Mans face can often be seen in architecture, carved into stone, wood and placed throughout churches and cathedrals.
the green man face on a building in architecture pagan face
The name Green man is still a fairly modern name for him, and he has gone by many different names throughout time.
He comes from a pagan background, and was thought to herald Spring after a long winter and renew lush vegetation.
It is thought that  If you walk within a forest of ancient woodland and get the feeling you’re not alone, the chances are he is with you. He’s been with mankind from the start and now is around us more than ever helping us to make contact with our natural environment and stop destroying our ever fragile world.