Genesa Crystal Symbol

Genesa crystal symbol garden

In the 1950s, American agricultural geneticist Derald Langham founded the Genesa Foundation, which promoted the use of Circle Gardening techniques and the Genesa ideas. Genesa, he later said, came from a combination of the word "gene" with the letters "SA", which stand for South America.

He also promoted the use of his Genesa Crystals, or eight-point patterns that reflect the cells of an embryonic organism. According to Dr. Langham, these had "the full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the Soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all your goals, your desires, your motivations – even life itself."

Langham believed that the crystal, known as an Archimedean solid or a cuboctahedron, held infinite potential for people to bond with the energies in their lives. One could meditate in a larger Genesa crystal standing in a garden to help tune into the biofields of the surrounding plants.


The Derald G. Langham Memorial Research Grant, established in his honor through the Neotropical Grassland Conservancy, provides a $2000 grant to scientists in the American tropics doing research on grassland or associated ecosystem plants.