Flower of Life

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The Flower of life symbol and its origin can be found through many eras and wide ranges of cultures. Its geometry is thought to have brought a very deep spiritual understanding and enlightenment to those who have studied it. Many forms of mathematics can be applied to it.

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Da Vinci's drawings use many shapes found within the flower of life in his drawings. Even the ancient Egyptians were aware of the flower of life, and inscribed it in temples. The precision of their drawings of this in=credible geometry matched the precision in their building of the pyramids.

flower of life in ancient Egyptian pyramids symbol

the Temple of Osiris in Abydos:

The Shape consists of 19 circles that are interconnected and overlap in such a way that represent the petals on multiple flowers. It is believed that all life forces follow a divine geometric plan, and everything we know that surrounds us follows this plan.

There are so many geometric symbols that can be found within this symbol, including the Vesica Piscis and Ichthys. This is what is so magical about this symbol, you can study it for hours, finding a huge range of patterns and shapes that you can relate to. However, the shape becomes incredible when you start to compare it with nature and life forces. For example, if you are familiar with the way human and life cells multiply by cell division (pictured below), the similarities are uncanny.

human cell flower of life comparison. the ancient symbol

There are so many meanings held to this geometric patterned symbol. However, this symbol is so thought provoking and astonishingly relatable to such intricate and precise patterns found throughout life, that its meaning can be different and personal to each person that studies it, with out ever being wrong or misguided. It is what it is, but emotionally and spiritually connects with its audience in a way they can only relate to by the manor in which they view life its self.