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Due to earths fertile nature and the ability to create new life and growth, this element is seen as the ultimate symbol of the divine feminine. The image of Earth as Mother is no coincidence; for millennia, people have seen the earth as a source of life, like a giant womb. The symbol we use most often for earth, is the alchemist symbol that represents it. However, earth has many different symbols in different cultures and communities, some even portray earth as an image of a womb itself.

Earth symbol logo, pagan wicca wiccan spiritual symbols, the ancient symbol shopThere are a number of Gods associated with the element of Earth as well, including Gaia (from Greek Mythology), who often embodies the planet itself, and Geb, the Egyptian god of land.

In Tarot, Earth is associated with the suit of Pentacles. It is connected with fertility, with green forests and rolling fields. Call upon Earth for workings related to material wealth, prosperity, and fertility.