witches cauldron, wicca magic pot

In Wicca and some other forms of pagan belief systems the cauldron is still used in magical practices. Cauldrons symbolise not only the Goddess but also represent the womb, as it is a vessel, and on an altar it represents earth because it is a working tool.

In Celtic lore, the cauldron is the symbol of the Underworld. Where as, in Greek and Roman mythology,  the cauldron was hidden in a cave. 

Cauldron symbol logo, pagan wicca wiccan spiritual symbols, the ancient symbol shopCauldrons have held a magical significance in many cultures throughout the centuries. In ancient Ireland, it was though that cauldrons were never magically constantly full with food during feasts. In ancient times they were use for human sacrifice, which was related to death and rebirth. In Greek mythology the Witch goddess Medea restored people to youth in a magic cauldron. Some stories and communities even compare the cauldron to the Holy Grail. 

Any way you look at it or where your beliefs lie, the cauldron truly does hold a magical aura.