Ailm Celtic Symbol

ailm celtic druid symbol

Ailm is the Celtic symbol derived from the letter “A” of the Celtic Ogham alphabet.

The Ailm is a huge symbol of strength. It provokes the symbolism of not only physical strength but spiritual and mental strength also. The symbol was and is used by many as a symbol of endurence, resilience, healing, protection, purification, guidance, fertility, pureness, clarity, energy and integrity. Notice how these are all so positive. This is one of the most important Celtic symbols. It is held in high regard for so many positive notions. So many of todays symbols and brands use this symbol to take advantage of its positive connotations.

The Word "Ailm" is thought to mean "conifer tree" or "Silver Fir tree". It is said in tree lore that the evergreens and conifers are linked with healing and survival; which all fits into the modern day symbolism "Ailm" still evokes.